Top 6 Self-driving Cars

Top 6 Self-driving Cars

Autopiloted or autonomous vehicles, call them whatever you like; self-driving cars are the future of automobile technology. These cars are not only limited to torque, horsepower, and mileage but also provide smartphone and Internet connectivity, auto parallel parking, and collision-prevention technology. While prototypes of completely self-driven cars have been developed by leading tech companies, commercialization of this concept is yet to see the light of the day. Here are most innovative semi-autonomous self-driving cars that are setting benchmark for the future.

Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe
This is a semi-autonomous or self-driving car that comes with one of most efficient drive-assist technology. The vehicle also senses both nearby and significantly distant traffic and consists of a camera embedded on the grill right beside the Mercedes emblem. The Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG coupe is also loaded with a windshield camera and radar pointing in five directions. So, the vehicle does not only automatically stays in the lane but also keeps the passengers and drivers safe from front-end collisions.

BMW 750i
The automobile giant has rolled out the active driving assistance in its 7-series models. The luxury sedan comes with lane departure warning and front-end collision prevention technology, and a pedestrian alert system. The BMW 750i stands out from its competitors with smart city cruising. So that you can sit back and relax while the car automatically maneuvers through the busy road.

Audi A8
The Audi A8 is a luxury sedan and can give its Mercedes and BMW counterparts a run for their money in the self-driving automobile technology. Although there are sedans with self-driving and assisting features, Audi was one of the automobile companies that brought the technology for commercial use. Some of its useful features include cruise control and a driverless self-parking system.

Tesla Model X
One of the most talked-about manufacturers capitalizing the auto industry with its driver-aid features, Tesla is set to impress from the get-go. The Tesla Model X is loaded with four cameras and 12 network sensors. Some of its safety features include forward and side collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and enhanced autopilot. These cars maintain speed automatically and self-park, making it a worthy inclusion to the most innovative self-driving cars this year.

Lexus LS
The new Lexus LS is a self-driving super luxury car semi-autonomous technology. Some of its features include dynamic radar cruise control for automatic speed adjustment, lane change, and active steering. Most semi-autonomous cars come with rear cross-traffic alerts, but the Lexus LS went a step ahead and offered this system for the front. This allows scanning the road for vehicles cutting across your path so that you can maintain a safe distance while driving.

Cadillac CT6
The semi-autonomous Cadillac CT6 is a luxury sedan with automatic features like cruise control. However, it uses using Lidar data to steers the sedan through certain limited-access highways across the country. It can also accelerate, brake, steer, and maintain lane position automatically. Of all the most innovative self-driving cars this year, this one is to look out for.

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