Apps to Manage Credit Card Debt

Apps to Manage Credit Card Debt

One thing that we dislike about using a credit card is sitting with a big pile of credit card bills and statements at the end of the month to analyse our spends. Fortunately, the digital era that we’re living in has a range of applications that can rid us of the many boring calculations—among other things—that come with using a credit card. There are many apps to choose from, but it is always wise to pick one that suits your needs. Read on to find out about a few apps that help manage credit card debts effectively:

Available to both iOS and Android users, Tally enables you to consolidate your credit card debt. To be able to use this free app, you will be requested to sign up for the Tally credit line that offers a low annual percentage rate (APR) to pay your bills. This financial app essentially helps you minimize your costs and maximize your payment performance each month. The app distributes payments to your creditors in a way that minimizes the interest rate that you are required to pay.

Debt Payoff Planner
If you owe multiple debts, then this app is for you! Here’s why—the app provides you with a breakdown of all the loans that need to be tracked and paid. It offers a range of strategies that you can adopt to make the payment process smooth. For instance, you can prioritize high-interest accounts first and then pay off the low-interest ones. With multiple strategies, templates, pie charts, and plans, the pro version of this app notifies you on your last payment, next payment, and your payoff progress. While the basic version is available for free, subscription to the pro version is available at $24 for two years.

There are many spare change apps that you can use to pay off your debt, but we placed our bet on Qoins. Rounding up payments and using the surplus amount to pay off your debts is an idea that many are in favor of. With a monthly fee of $1.99, the app’s various features allow you to manage different types of debts, keep aside money for payoffs when credit hits your account, and share a budget based on your previous payments with you.

Just like Qoins, ChangEd is a spare change app that’s dedicatedly used to pay off student loans. When the change from rounding up payments is accrued to $100, the account pays off one of your listed loans. You can also add money to the account to round up the $100; and the app prompts you on the interest you save on additional payments. The more payments you make using this app, the less interest you pay through the entire term. With a $1-fee each month, this app is available for iOS as well as Android users.

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