4 Must-Watch Disney+ TV Shows and Movies

4 Must-Watch Disney+ TV Shows and Movies

If you are one of those who’ve been stuck to a couch and streaming all the possible Disney movies, we’ve got your back. The amount of brilliant content Disney Plus has to offer has us swimming in the pool of childhood nostalgia with our eyes glued on to our favorite stories. By now you might have watched Marvel, Star Wars, and other classic reruns.

Here we’ve decided to compile a list of other Disney Plus TV shows and movies that you should not miss.

Diary of a Future President
How many of us really believe in our dreams at the age of six? Elena Canero-Reed did, and now she is inside the Oval Office. This show makes it to the list of Disney Plus TV shows and movies that you can’t miss. This dramedy is based on the dreams of a six-year-old girl, who is particularly bright. Witness the toil and turmoil of aiming for the topmost job in America from the eyes of a child who treasures her family and friends. Not to mention our favorite Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez also makes an appearance in this comedy-drama.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum
Right from Jurassic Park to Thor: Ragnarok , Jeff Goldblum has roped us in. The World According to Jeff Goldblum is a documentary series that talks about history, science, and everything in between when it comes to life’s important things. If you don’t believe us, let us tell you that the first few episodes are about ice cream, video games, and sneakers. Besides, who wouldn’t love a chance to peep inside the mind of this crazy genius? The season one of this series is available to stream on Disney Plus, and we won’t have to wait too long for season 2. Need we say more about this particular feature on our list of the Disney Plus TV shows and movies that you can’t miss?

Queen of Katwe
Disney is famed for its animated and live-action creations. But the studio’s streaming service has more to offer than children’s Pandora box. Disney Plus also sports a series of traditional movies that can steal your heart and your tears. One such creation of genius is director Mira Nair’s Queen of Katwe. Based on a chess enthusiast’s journey outside of her unprivileged life, this movie shows the gritty realism of the protagonist that is far and beyond Disney’s forte. If the story’s plot isn’t all that convincing to you, watch it for Lupita Nyong’o and her brilliant screen presence.

The Greatest Showman
Now that you have caved in to the peer pressure and the sheer brilliance of Hamilton, here is another must watch musical on Disney Plus. On our list of “can’t miss Disney plus TV and movies” is The Greatest Showman. If you witnessed the magic that Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, Michelle Williams, and Zac Efron created on the big screen, here’s your chance to relive it. If you are one of the few people who always found the movie to be sold out, this is your chance to deep dive into this loose adaptation of a real-life showman’s story.