4 Most Popular Winter Cocktails

4 Most Popular Winter Cocktails

When the temperature outside drops, the best way to keep yourself warm indoors is with a glass of flavourful drink. There are many cocktails that you can make, but there’s something particularly delightful about a drink designed to warm up the chill in your bones. Many winter cocktails require a few ingredients and take only a couple of minutes to prepare. Here are some of the most popular cocktails you can sip in during the cold winter months.

Hot Gin Toddy
The hot toddy is one of the most popular cocktails throughout the winter season. Traditionally, it is served with dark liquors like whiskey, brandy, or rum. But very few people might have tried the hot toddy with gin. The piney flavor of gin is ideal during the cold winter nights. You can choose your favorite brand of gin for this cocktail recipe. Other than that, you need hot water, lemon juice, and just a teaspoon of sugar. Put all ingredients in a wine goblet, brandy snifter, or glass mug, and the drink is ready in less than a minute. Garnish with a cinnamon stick for extra flavor.

Milk and Honey
This classic milk and honey cocktail is among the most popular drinks during the winter months. The “honey” here is Benedictine, a honey-sweetened herbal liqueur. It tastes particularly delicious when added to a glass of warm or cold milk. This creamy concoction is very easy to make. All you need to do is pour some Benedictine into a stemmed goblet or mug, or any glass available in your kitchen. Add a few cubes of ice and top with plenty of warm milk. Give the mixture a gentle stir, and don’t forget to garnish the drink with a slice of orange and a cinnamon stick before serving.

Penicillin is another popular winter cocktail that most people love to drink when the outside world is freezing. Scotch hardly appears in cocktails, but if there is one scotch cocktail everyone must try, it’s the penicillin. It’s a relatively new drink, created in 2005 by a New York bartender. To make perfect penicillin, add a blended scotch, lemon juice, honey syrup, and ginger syrup in a shaker with ice. Shake the mixture well and strain into a double old fashioned glass. Top the drink with Laphroaig scotch whiskey and allow it to float. Use a lemon wheel as a garnish.

Gold Rush
The gold rush is a simple, three-ingredient cocktail that you can quickly prepare when your guests arrive unexpectedly. It’s a delectable drink made with bourbon, honey syrup, and lemon juice. You can garnish the drink with bee pollen, a natural ingredient with superior anti-inflammatory properties. Bee pollen is also famous for curing allergies, but more importantly, it enhances the taste of honey in the drink. The Gold Rush recipe is simple — add the three ingredients to a shaker with ice and shake it well. Strain the mixture into a double old-fashioned glass over a cube of ice. Garnish with the healthy bee pollen, and the drink is ready to serve.