5 Natural Treatments for ED

5 Natural Treatments for ED

Certain natural aids can build up sexual health gradually. It may help treat erectile dysfunction (ED), an inability to either get or sustain a firm erection during intercourse. Natural treatment can improve performance, without necessarily costing much. Some treatments might have side effects, which makes it important to cross-check them with a health provider before using them. Here are five natural aids to improve sexual health, while treating erectile dysfunction.

Korean Red Ginseng
This Korean herb is one of the most popular natural aids for erectile dysfunction (ED). One can chew the herb raw or use it while preparing tea. Researchers have yet to study its complete impact on ED. However, few are of the opinion that the Korean red ginseng can combat oxidative stress in the blood vessels of the penis. Ginseng also releases a compound called nitric oxide. It may relax muscles and improve blood circulation to the penis.

This is known to help relax blood vessels which is why it is popularly used to aid in treating erectile dysfunction. It can improve blood flow to the penis. However, as the body metabolizes it quickly it should be taken several times for good results. It’s important to consult a health provider to help one decide how much arginine they need to consume.

Yohimbe is a tree native to Africa. Its bark is said to have exceptional health benefits and it’s mostly used as an aphrodisiac to treat ED. Many have also consumed it in the form of supplements to improve athletic performance. It is thought to promote a nitric oxide release that dilates blood vessels present in sexual organs. This can improve blood circulation to the penis. However, Yohimbe can have side effects of irritability, tremor, and increased blood pressure. So one needs to consult a doctor before consuming it.

When a person undergoes acupuncture, targeted points on the body are stimulated by inserting needles. This can treat certain ailments. In ED, nerves in the penis are harmed which restrict blood flow to it. Acupuncture, however, can increase blood circulation and may improve symptoms of ED. Although studies on the impact of acupuncture on ED have mixed results, many show positive outcomes. So, it’s likely that acupuncture might benefit those with ED.

The adrenal glands in our body produce a natural hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone, also known as DHEA. This hormone has been identified as a natural option to treat ED, especially for those with concurrent diabetes. Diabetic patients are more at risk of ED because diabetes can create a condition where one’s blood doesn’t flow completely to sexual organs. However, those who increase the body’s DHEA content may see improvement in ED symptoms. The dietary supplement containing DHEA might be made with yam and soy.

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