DIY Natural Hair Removal Methods

DIY Natural Hair Removal Methods

Hair removal for many is a regular activity, part of the beauty and grooming routine. And most people opt for tried and tested methods like regular shaving and waxing. But these methods are also painful and feature the use of harsh products that can also result in skin problems. To avoid this ordeal, make your own hair removal wax or paste using everyday foods that you are sure to find in your pantry.

Check out these easy-to-make natural hair removal methods featuring simple ingredients.

Sugar, lemon, and honey wax
Honey is a natural moisturizer that helps nourish the skin. Lemon has excellent skin bleaching properties, and you can add a few drops into some sugar and honey to make a thick paste. The wax-like mixture can then be used to get rid of unwanted hair safely using plain wax strips. This is one of the more direct and effective natural hair removal methods with better lasting results. To manage the skin irritation or burning sensation, you can additionally apply more moisturized cream and avoid the skin from going dry.

Make a turmeric paste
Applying a mixture of turmeric and milk to remove unwanted hair is certainly a less painful option when compared to shaving and waxing. The thick paste can be used to exfoliate the surface using a gentle scrub or cloth. Note that this process has to be repeated a number of times and in quick succession to ensure the hair doesn’t grow back. While it may not be the most popular option among natural hair removal methods, the gentle home remedy is certainly affordable and safe to repeat.

Oatmeal and banana scrub
Can two of the most common breakfast foods help remove unwanted hair? Surprisingly yes! Oatmeal has a texture that is grainy and can be effectively used as a scrubbing agent. Mixed with the banana, you get a smooth paste that exfoliates the dead skin and removes hair. Apply this paste onto the skin and massage in a gentle circular scrubbing motion and let it set before you wash off. You can repeat this process a couple of times during the week until you get the desired results. Note that these natural hair removal methods must be repeated a number of times, unlike waxing, that is done only once every few months.

Essential oils
If you prefer a more gentle topical application, a mixture of lavender oil and tea tree oil can prove just as effective. Note that this process is much slower in comparison to other natural hair removal methods and it may take a couple of months for you to see the transformation. These essential oils are rich in anti-androgenic properties that inhibit the production of certain essential hormones for hair growth. With regular topical applications, the follicles lose the ability to grow after prolonged use. This mixture is particularly effective for oily and acne-prone skin types.

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